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The three system elements:
  • Water Tank - Basically a 12 gallon bucket partially filled with liquid of your choice. I start with laundry water, but after a few uses it turns into what I'll call unfinished compost tea.
  • Weight - Pictured is an 8 pound exercise weight with a small plastic bucket lid that helps keep material from floating out of the bucket. Mine is suspended from a beam for convenience, but I got by with two bricks for many years.
  • Perforated Bucket w/Organics - The bottom of the bucket has a bunch of holes drilled through it.
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Step 1 - Lower the filled bucket into the water tank.
ideal watering system slide 3 Ideal Watering System Slide 3

Step 2 - Place the weight on top of the bucket. Allow to soak for as long as you like. If soaking for a while, cover tank so as not to attract flying insects.
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Step 3 - After contents have been ideally watered for the desired amount of time, remove weight, lift bucket, and allow to drain. You now have a ideally watered material to add to your compost bin. For convenience, I have a beam and hook from which to suspend the bucket, but the bucket can be angled and balanced on top of the tank.
ideal watering system slide 5 Ideal Watering System Slide 5

Photo of bottom of bucket showing fill / drain holes.

To learn more about the PilePro Ideal Watering System, and to ask questions, please visit
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